New Build 2019-08-22

Replaced the previous player model with a new one. The new model is a robot. Ultimately I would like to add customization options (such as colors and accessories) to the robot but that might not be for a long time since that is low priority.

Renamed the original map to "Obstacle Course" and added 3 sizes of "Slopes Course". The Slopes courses consist of a grid of checkpoint islands at various elevations connected by sloped bridges of various widths. Depending on the map size (small - 5x5 grid, medium - 10x10 grid, or large -15x15 grid), there are between 1 and 5 collectibles on each bridge (small -5, medium - 2, large - 1). There is a tower with a door that will open when you collect 100 collectibles. Take the elevator in the tower to the top and walk to the front of the balcony to win the game. 

The following elements of the Slopes courses are randomized: 

1) the elevations of the checkpoint islands, 

2) the widths of the bridges, 

3) the width positioning of the collectibles on the bridges, and  

4) the player starting position. 

The tower is always on the island with the highest elevation and the water always aligns with the lowest island's elevation. You can sink to the bottom of the water to die and reset to your last checkpoint location by crouching in the water. You will also die and reset if you swim too far away from the islands.


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Aug 23, 2019

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