New Build 2019-07-15

The grassy checkpoints have been replaced with light posts. The light posts are much less taxing on the GPU so there is no longer any need to have multiple builds. The inactive light posts have a red light and the active light post has a green light.

I have completely rebuilt the menus and many underlying systems. Controller options is now a separate menu from Keyboard/Mouse options. Controller options now include the ability to adjust joystick sensitivity and deadzone, and invert the camera axes. Keyboard/Mouse options now include the ability to adjust mouse sensitivity and invert the camera axes.

The How To Play menu has been completely re-designed. It is now much cleaner and easier to read and includes buttons to quickly switch to the input remapping menus.

I think that is everything for this update. Hopefully the next update will include some more content and will not take as as long as this update did.


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Jul 15, 2019

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