New Build 2019-04-13

I'm probably going to be releasing a lot of little updates to the game as issues come up or just whenever I have time to work down my infinite wishlist of things I'd like to add. Today:

 1) I've fixed controller configuration issues for PS4 controllers (so far as I know),

 2) I added a big simple practice area to play around in if you're just looking for an open area to hone your skills, and

3) I added an toggle in the options menu to show the timer on the HUD.

 I've also put up a second build of the game that uses a much lower quality effect for the tall grass since the experimental one in the main game can require a higher end computer.


Boost 146 MB
Apr 14, 2019
Boost Jump (Low Quality Tall Grass).zip 145 MB
Apr 14, 2019

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