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Boost Jump is a short 3D platformer prototype game that I have been developing in my spare time since October 2018. The basic movement mechanics are heavily inspired by the 3D Mario games (Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, etc.). The name Boost Jump comes from the ability to store up energy while running, colliding, etc., and use that energy to make other jumps stronger or perform a Boost Jump in the air.

PS4 controllers are fully supported.

Update 2019-08-22: Replaced the previous player model with a robot. Renamed the original map to "Obstacle Course" and added 3 sizes of "Slopes Course". Slopes courses consist of a grid of checkpoint islands at various elevations connected by sloped bridges of various widths. To open the door of the tower and win the game, you must collect 100 collectibles spread out over the course. Various parts of the slopes courses are randomized. See New Build 2019-08-22 devlog for details.

As of October 2019 I have started a new job and likely will not update the game anymore for a while.

You can email me with any questions/comments/issues at boostjumpgame@gmail.com

Note: The following videos are from the first build. Improvements have been made since this version. See the posts at the bottom of the page for more details.

I've posted additional videos on YouTube with my fastest time attempts: 

and a full collectibles run through:


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